Service Metrics

Visualize and keep track of all your data using service metrics.

All of your data, clear and visible.

Using Mackerel's service metrics, you can visualize the sales and PV of the overall service, the number of errors that occur in an application, and any metric not connected with the host. By visualizing the overall service, the growth and reliability of it can be maintained and will help when decisions need to be made.

An intuitively simple API.

Service metrics can be uploaded using our simple HTTP+JSON API, automatically grouped by name and graphed, instantly ready to be viewed on the web. In addition, full access and user activity logs can be easily uploaded to Mackerel using the log collector fluentd and its plugin fluent-plugin-mackerel.

<match nginx.status.**>
  type mackerel
  api_key <API Key>
  service <Service Name>
  metrics_name access_num.${out_key}
  out_keys 2xx_count,3xx_count,4xx_count,5xx_count

Configure service metric posting with fluent-plugin-mackerel.

Monitor your most crucial data with notifications.

Service metrics can be monitored at any user-defined threshold and configured to send alerts according to the user's individual needs. Employing a range of flexible notification channels including email and Slack, the user can promptly find and respond to abnormalities in services.

View data where it's most convenient with graph embedding.

With graph embedding it's possible to embed service metric graphs freely on any site outside of Mackerel. Place your most important graphs on your in-house dashboard, or any pages you check frequently as a part of everyday workflow to incorporate them into your company's KPI.

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