Reasons for choosing Mackerel

With a quick and easy setup, you can be monitoring and managing your servers and visualizing metric data right away with our user-friendly API.

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor the condition of your server resources and choose from a wide range of alert notification channels to best fit your workflow so that if an abnormality arises, you'll be the first to know about it.

Posted metrics aren't just for show; monitoring thresholds can also be created and configured to any user-specified values. When an alert is triggered it will be recorded and your team will be notified via any combination of channels including Slack, Chatwork, Typetalk, and Webhook.

What's so great about Mackerel? Let's see...

Monitor one host or hundreds with just one binary installation.

Hosts can be grouped as services and roles, improving autoscaling.

Elegant, full-featured, and easy to use graphs.

Visualize any and all data with service metrics.

Promoting automation with HTTP API.

Wide range of notification channel options.

Metric monitoring that alerts your whole team.

Plugin pack for support of as many as 20 middleware.

Embed graphs on any site.

Host statuses that work with your operation phase.

Intuitive URLs.

Check graphs with host-specific data.

Easy to grasp the situation with alerts logged in chronological order.

Log in with your GitHub account.

Open source agent in Go language.

Export graphs as images.

Advanced settings for notification channels.

External Monitoring

Official Windows support.

Cooperation with deployments.

Flexible management of authority.

Activity and event logging.