AWS Integration

Mackerel is a server monitoring service that also supports AWS cloud products. Only a simple set-up is needed to obtain and visualize various metrics and events from AWS products such as ELB, RDS, and ElastiCache. Even if your use of AWS crosses over multiple accounts and regions, management of the entire service will be easy when using Mackerel.

Only offered with the Trial and Standard plan

Seamless integration with CloudWatch API

Using the CloudWatch (an AWS monitoring service) API, various AWS cloud products can be monitored with Mackerel. The only required configurations for Mackerel are registering the read-only access key and making a simple selection. Merely doing this allows Mackerel to access the CloudWatch API to automatically visualize and monitor various information.

Manage AWS cloud products as hosts

By configuring AWS Integration in Mackerel, each AWS cloud product will be registered as a single host and detailed instances, event information, and such will be visualized. Since the host will be included in the concept of service/role/host, which are features of Mackerel, management of the entire service will be easy to understand, even if complex configurations are set in server-less architecture.

Getting indications withlong term capacity management

Mackerel's retention period for metrics as well as the graph display period is 460 days with the Standard plan. For this reason, capacity management is easy based on the long-term trend analysis. By taking advantage of Mackerel, you can get an idea of how to prevent issues before they occur and learn ways to cut costs.

Other features that could be used together

EC2 detailed monitoring with mackerel-agent

By introducing mackerel-agent in EC2 instance, OS and application metrics, logs, statuses and such can be monitored in detail using many plugins.

RDS monitoring inmackerel-agent plugin

By using the mackerel-agent plugins from the agent installed to the EC2 instance, detailed metrics of MySQL and PostgreSQL and such can be monitored.

URL external monitoring fromthe user's point of view

In Mackerel, websites can be monitored over the internet using HTTP/HTTPS. By standing in the user's point of view, we allowed the monitoring of response time, status code, response string, SSL certificate expiration date, etc.

Only offered with the Trial and Standard plan

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