FAQ・How does the billing system work when using mackerel-agent and AWS / Azure Integration together?

When using mackerel-agent and AWS/Azure Integration together, the metrics obtained from the two functions are aggregated into one host with a billable rate of either a standard host or a micro host.

  • When mackerel-agent is installed on an EC2/Azure VM instance while also using the Integration function: 1 Standard host
    • Information that can be obtained from the instance metadata API provided by each platform is used when linking to hosts registered with Integration.
    • There are two versions of the EC2 instance metadata service available for AWS, but only v1 is supported for mackerel-agent.
    • Please note that if you disable v1 of the instance metadata service or the instance metadata service itself, it will be registered as a different Standard host in Mackerel.
  • When using the custom_identifier to aggregate monitors with the plugin for Integration registered hosts in other services: 1 Micro host

However, please note that the upper limit for the number of metrics per host does not change. For other precautions regarding exceeding metrics etc., refer to Handling of host conversion when plan limits are exceeded.

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